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Supplier/Vendor Account

Becoming a Supplier / Vendor

Interested In Being a Supplier / Vendor?

The Internet has created a tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to drive additional revenue growth and reach a new and growing set of customers. We enable our suppliers to successfully tap into this growth while working closely with them to protect and promote their brand, complement their existing retail channels and facilitate smooth logistics and communications flow. We understand the importance of flexibility and tailor our approach to meet our suppliers' specific needs.

We value our supplier relationships and believe these to be the key elements to fostering a successful partnership:

Commitment to Growth - Our goal is to rapidly grow revenues and become a leading online channel partner for each of our suppliers. Our investment in online, email and traditional marketing ensures maximum impact as we launch new supplier products.

Partnership in Customer Service Excellence - Waystock's ability to provide great customer service begins with our supplier's commitment to ship orders quickly, package products with care, provide accurate stock on hand and work with us to rapidly handle any issues that may arise.

Flexibility and Ease - Each of our suppliers works closely with Waystock team members to take the supplier through the entire process of establishing the relationship, effectively merchandising the product, driving growth and providing customer service. We understand that every supplier may have unique needs in areas of logistics, order flow, payments, returns, etc. and we try to tune our approach to match our suppliers' needs and to make the entire process as smooth and seamless as possible.

To apply for a Supplier/Vendor Account, please fill out the form below: