About Us

Waystock designs and fabricates many of our product offerings from our own manufacturing plants so we can directly control quality and costs. This is one way we can eliminate  expenses which saves us and you while allowing us to be competitive in the marketplace.

Other products that we sell are sourced from manufacturers that have long-standing track records for meeting our quality standards.  We negotiate strongly on price and we contract  production orders and  re-stocking orders with them early in the season so we get preferential treatment. Any savings realized here have a pass-through benefit to the customer.  

At every stage of our operations we strive to get the work accomplished efficiently and accurately. Over the years we have developed sophisticated software to allow our personnel to manage operations smoothly, allowing increasing business volume to be handled with just the right number of employees. So our operation costs are optimized saving us and thereby saving our customers as we strive to provide quality goods at the best price.